January 2011: Happy Singing & Skiing in 2011

If you sing like Hana or ski like Pavel, we would like to wish you sharp tones and sharp edges into the 2011.

Hana Robinson & Pavel Trčala

February 2011: Czech ski record

This February, Hana Robinson and her brother Pavel Trčala will attempt to ski in seven regions, seven mountain ranges, seven ski resorts of the Czech Republic in one day. The driver of the mission will be the World Rally Champion Martin Prokop.

If you happen to be skiing in one of these ski areas and see a Land Rover Freelander slide right to the lower station, two skiers and a cameraman jump out of the car, quickly get on the lift, ski down a few runs and disappear as quickly as they arrived, you should know that this is not a filming of a new James Bond adventure, but a happening to promote skiing in the Czech Republic.

The record of skiing in seven ski resorts of Czech and Moravian mountains in one day will promote skiing with the support of the CzechTourism agency and the natural gas company RWE. In addition to the sporting aspect and the promotion of the Czech ski industry, the record will also promote awareness of the multiple sclerosis disease.

January 2011: Concert for CTP Invest

On 11 January 2011, the Hana Robinson Trio played on the occasion of New Year celebrations at the Spielberk Office Centre in Brno. Mr. Remon Vos from CTP Invest welcomed the guests and highlighted some recent CTP achievements. We would like to wish CTP best of luck in 2011, especially with the completion of the tallest building in Brno.

January 2011: New Year's Day Concert

Hana Robinson played on New Year's Day in a spa resort Lednice. Since Lednice is located in the middle of the former Czechoslovakia, the audience was the Czech, Moravian and Slovak. The evening was hosted by Pavel Trčala, who entertained the Czechoslovak audience. The concert was very successful and we hope that it was an omen for a successful 2011.

December 2010: Concert at Brno Athlete of the Year

Hana Robinson Trio had the honor to perform during the gala event "Athlete of the Year" in Brno. Although this evening for only for invited VIP guests from the ranks of athletes and officials of the city of Brno, the auditorium of the Voronez Hotel was completely full. The event was visited by the Brno political elite, including Mayor Roman Onderka. Surprise of the evening was a wonderful show of our friends, Zdeněk Moravec and Peter Horníček, whom you may know as winners of "Czechoslovakia's Got Talent" show under their stage name "Dae Men".

October 2010: Concert at the Belohrad Spa Resort

Concert at the Belohrad Spa Resort was very successful. The audience was wonderful and we all had a good time. The staff was great, very hospitable, welcoming and professional. Thank you very much.

August 2010: The emergence of Hana Robinson Trio

I am very happy that I managed to find great musicians. With Petr, we know each other since our studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. You may remember Petr as the main hero of the "Good Season" series. Antonin Šturma is a great base player. His skills are not only seen in our trio, but also in the original Prague Syncopated Orchestra, of which he is a a permanent member.

April 2010:: Endangered species live

The project "Endangered species live" is in full swing. Along with singers Nada Valova, Natalie Kocábova, Lenka Nova, Tereza Nekudova, Vera Nerušila and our guest Franta Segrado, we played many great concerts and we look forward to our future performances.

For more information, please, visit the web "Endangered species live"